I ordered my first batch of black curly tape-ins 10 weeks ago and they were beautiful. I re-ordered the same exact curls and color but this time I ordered 2 batches so I could do a full head of curls.

Well once my stylist opened them we were shocked that they looked TOTALLY different from the previous order...they were way darker and the curls were WAY tighter, frizzy and clearly looked permed. If all that wasn't bad enough they did not perm the hair all the way up to the tape so the first 4 inches of the hair was BONE STRAIGHT!To be honest, the frizz did not bother me because my natural hair tends to frizz so it just made it look all that more natural lol. But the hair being 1/3 straight was terrible. I called Glam Seamless several times, they never ever answered the phone so I left messages & never heard back.

Then I emailed them and after about 2 days they finally responded. They told me the hair is not permed but heat treated (whatever!) and that the hair should not be straight but curled all the way to the tape. I sent several photos (attached) showing my hair was clearly DEFECTIVE...and she even agreed. But OH WELL, I am stuck with them because I opened the package.

So once you inspect the hair and see that it is not what you just spent $500 on, you are screwed! But to be honest, they did offer me a $30 credit towards my next purchase. As if!! So last week I took a leap of faith and ordered black curly tape-ins on ebay from a seller in China.

I really thought they would be phony since they were ONLY $35!! But they just arrived and they are GORGEOUS+++100% remy hair. For $70 I can now do my entire head and have a lot left over. Plus that seller has a full money back guarantee; if a future order is not what I expected they will refund me instantly and send me another batch.

Now that's how you do business baby!

Glam seamless took $500 from me and basically told me to screw myself. Shameful :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Human Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Glam Seamless Pros: First order they sent me.

Glam Seamless Cons: Junk they sent me when i re-ordered.

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They dont hold curl! DISSAPPOINTING


Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for sharing your experience. After, hearing your experience, I will no longer purchase extensions from this company.

Do you mind giving me the details to the supplier in China ?

I wouldn’t mind checking them out. Thanks


hey there! yes i bought from seller on ebay & the name is:

Seller information

remyhair2016 (**** )

i just bought black curly hair AND purple and the purple curls are so pretty and vibrant!

they were $35 for 20 pieces and even if they don't hold up after one use it's less than $45 for me to do a whole head since i always use 24 pieces. i cannot believe i paid Glam seamless $250 for one batch of 20.

live and learn! i pray they go bankrupt!!


hey girl,

i bought from: Seller information

remyhair2016 (**** )

and from: Seller information

fullshine201* (*** )

the hair was lighter in weight (40grams) from Remyhair which is what i wanted. she also carries amazing fun colors.

the hair from fullshine was 50grams so a little heavier but very beautiful. both were dirt cheap! around $35 for a batch of 20.

and 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! unlike those thieves over at glam seamless who charge $250 a batch and send garbage.


I wanted to add one more thing...the hair I just got from China actually has hair on the tapes so they become totally invisible in your hair! Amazing and all that for only $35 :))


Yes those are definitely wrong. Ty for ur review.

Was considering tape ins from glam seamless.

I can't believe their customer service offer. I would be so missed off as well.

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