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nice try Miss owner of Glam Seamless but I am not a competitor or salon owner, I am a customer who wrote an honest review of my experience with Glam hair and it was not positive. From customer service to the hair itself, my experience was horrible, and for you to dismiss that by saying these reviews are simply "competitors" is quite laughable. I never write reviews, it takes alot for me to the put the effort to do that and I think you're seeing there are others who had such a bad experience they wanted to warn others which is the reason for a public forum.

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Totally agree! This is a company that could really be great and choose not to be.

The hair is a disgusting ratted mess. People will learn eventually of how bad the hair is and the company will go out of business. I feel awful for other people getting ripped off. I would NEVER wear this hair again.

It’s just not good. If a company doesn’t stand behind the product that tells you everything you need to know.

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