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Alexandra, I think you have an excellent business model because there are many women who want hair extensions and then there also many out there who "need" them. However you have ZERO quality control.

I was going to be one of your very best customers since I planned on ordering a new set of extensions every other month...that's $500 bimonthly. But what you just sent me was so blatantly defective and the only remedy offered was $30 off my next purchase. This was absurd. But in total honesty I am thrilled this happen.

I just found an ebay seller all the way from China who sells hair a lot better than yours and for only $35. I know, shocking. And this company has a money back/satisfaction guaranteed policy. That's the way you have customers for life.

You take women's hard earned money and then disrespect them by offering them a tiny fraction off a future order when it is your fault the hair is in poor condition &/or FALSELY ADVERTISED.

I just do not understand how the hair you sent me could have been sent when it was so clearly defective. What is obvious to me is that you don't have people in your business who care about the quality, only the quantity :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Hi there my name is Christopher and I am hair stylist to just recently started using Glam seamless.

I was just curious to know more about what was wrong with your hair extension just said that you weren't happy with them but you didn't really say why. What did you order what was wrong with them?

Recently I have installed three sets of Glam seamless tape ins into different clients I have yet to have them come back for removal.

They were beautiful!

I have been doing hair extensions for 12 years.

Tape ins for at least 6 years. This is some of the best quality hair that I have used.

So I am interested to hear more about the inconsistencies before I invest further in this product thank you for your feedback and information looking forward to hearing what you have to say

to crispystylist #1374630

Hey Christopher! I am so sorry I'm late getting back to you but I only saw this post just now.

I ordered black curly hair from Glam Seamless back in June then about 4 weeks later I ordered 2 more of the SAME hair since I decided I wanted to wear my hair longer...well I opened my new hair at my salon and my stylist and I were aghast! The hair was so much darker it would not match my hair and it was obviously permed but only 2/3 of the way up! the first several inches was totally straight. It was horrible!!

My stylist has been doing tape ins for years and she has purchased from all over and she never saw such poor quality before in her life. I was so bummed :(

Glam Seamless ignored all my phone calls and then when they finally emailed me back the customer service woman asked for photos which I sent her within 5 minutes. She then told me they were not permed but "Chemically Treated" (what a lie) and she totally agreed they were supposed to be permed all the way up to the tab and this was a terrible error...but unfortunately I had opened the packages so I was stuck with them and NO exchange or refund was permitted. OMG I was stunned!!

She then added insult to injury by offering me to buy another $500 batch of hair and she would kindly give me $30 off. This company is horrible and you should stay away from them.

I'm sure you take great care of your clients and you want to save them money. I found superior hair in such an array of fabulous colors (even stunning purple!) from a seller on ebay...the hair is only $30!!! not $250!!

and she offers a 100% money back policy if you are not satiated in any way. Now that's how you do business.

I have already ordered more from her. Thank you for asking for my side of the story Christopher and if you need any more info you can call/text me 7276441806.

to Elisabeth #1421652

Do you have a link of the eBay seller that you recommend?

to Elisabeth #1434725

Can you send me the seller in eBay? I ordered $400 worth and NEVER received them!

to Cathy #1434806

hey cathy! i ordered from 2 sellers on ebay and each one has a 100% money back guarantee & you pay with paypal so there is no risk :)

just search on ebay for these sellers below.



2. fullshine2015

to crispystylist #1380859

Save yourself the headache and find another company to get extensions from. I spend over $550 and even purchased sample pieces to color match.

Hair looked great so I ordered with confidence. Little did I know that after only 2 washes with the correct shampoo and conditioner that the hair would matte up like a tumble *** even after I flat ironed it. After only 5 mins of having my hair done it would matte up. I have had extensions for 8 years and these are like horse hair...

wait I don’t want to insult horses when comparing it. It was like a cheap wig. It has to be synthetic or coated... definitely not Remy.

It was an embarrassment to have them in and when I had them taken out they ripped my hair out which has never happened to me in the past with other brands. I did everything right in caring for my hair as well as with installation by a professional. This company has zero integrity. If you believe in your product so much then you should be confident in offering refunds for bad batches.

I have nothing to gain by speaking the truth about this hair... no motive other than to warn others of how bad it is so that they don’t suffer the same fate as I did.

Trust those on here that aren’t trying to sell the product to you. We have no reason to lie.



Quality is our number one priority, and we do provide excellent extensions. We also do guarantee our products, we have a warranty on every set of hair extensions sold. Please contact support at and we will repair your extensions for you.

to Glam Seamless Support 17 #1374620


1. your quality is the worst


your extensions are PERMED!!! and only half way up

3. you stole $500 from me

I emailed you photos and you AGREED they were defective BUT wrote I was stuck with them since I committed a sin and actually opened the package to see what was inside. Your company is horrible...women come to you in need and you grossly overcharge them and then send them defective hair.

The photos you saw clearly showed that your company permed straight hair BUT ONLY part of it!! The rest was totally straight and you saw it and sent it to me anyway. I hope you go out of business so no woman gets ripped off from you.

How can you people even sleep at night? SHAMEFUL.

to Glam Seamless Support 17 #1417132

This is a flat out lie. This company knowingly uses false advertising, sells defective products and is utilized textbook deceptive trade practices.

to Glam Seamless Support 17 #1434727

This is a lie! I have ask for help in numerous occasions about not receiving my order and no one helps!

Worst company ever!!!! Do not buy!!!

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