Hello All, It is Alexandra Cristin, the founder and proud CEO of Glam Seamless. I wanted to come here to help all future customers feel confident about their decision to purchase Glam Seamless extensions.

In this day and age a bad review goes a long way-but there are always two sides to every story. Out of 100,000 orders there are 60 bad reviews here and personally hurts me that we could not always fix shipping issues or fix the lack of care for the extensions- as a consumer I would be hesitant too. However, I am here to firmly stand behind our products and the brand. I personally wear our extensions and we manufacture only the best quality.

In fact, we continue to improve our procedures and quality control. The company was recently listed on Inc Magazines top 30 young companies of 2017 and our hair was recently worn by top hairstylists and celebrities. We pride ourself on quality and fast service. I want to personally invite you to try our extensions and get 10% off with code PC10.

Glam Seamless is the number one online tape in hair extensions supplier-we are here to provide quality and exceptional service. I ask you to take a chance on us and make your hair glamorous. I know how it is with extensions, I am a true Glam Girl myself! Bad hair is a NO and I could not sleep at night selling sub par products-its not what we do!

In fact we invest in the highest quality for our customers, much higher than other brands increasing our costs and decreasing our profits JUST SO all of our customers can truly have salon quality hair! You can purchase Glam Seamless extensions with full confidence.

I invite you and I am here to stand behind the product. Thanks Glam Squad, Alexandra Cristin

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I think you have an excellent business model because there are many women who want hair extensions and then there also many out there who "need" them.

However you have ZERO quality control. I was going to be one of your very best customers since I planned on ordering a new set of extensions every other month...that's $500 bimonthly.

But what you just sent me was so blatantly defective and the only remedy offered was $30 off my next purchase. This was absurd.

But in total honesty I am thrilled this happen. I just found an ebay seller all the way from China who sells hair a lot better than yours and for only $35.

I know, shocking. And this company has a money back/satisfaction guaranteed policy. That's the way you have customers for life. You take women's hard earned money and then disrespect them by offering them a tiny fraction off a future order when it is your fault the hair is in poor condition &/or FALSELY ADVERTISED.

I just do not understand how the hair you sent me could have been sent when it was so clearly defective. What is obvious to me is that you don't have people in your business who care about the quality, only the quantity :(


Maybe you should be more hands on with the selection ma'am . Because the hair from Glam Seamsless is consistently worse than the stuff coming out of China on EBay . No exaggeration.


Dam it n I ordered today ?? Can I cancel


hey girl I just got screwed by glam seamless as well so i went to ebay and bought extensions from china....i just knew they would suck since they were only $35 but THEY ARE ACTUALLY GORGEOUS!! and the tape has hair on it so they are invisible in your hair++++

you should try, the seller is fullshine2015. i am a customer for life as long as i keep getting what they just sent me :)

@Marceline Akr

Is full shine the seller name or the extension name ? I’m trying to look for them

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