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Listen, do not buy this hair.

I've been wearing human hair extensions for 10 years. I started with clip ins from Sally's Beauty, and then upgraded to Milk + Blush human hair clips. After 3 years I decided I wanted tape-ins and my hair dresser told me to get Babe extensions which she swears buy. I had my set of Babe tape ins for OVER A YEAR... because that's how good the quality was. My hair stayed perfect for over a year. I would move them up myself, cut them, tone them, curl them, treat them like my very own hair and they were always perfect. Never got ratty, never tangled, EVER... you get the point.

Well, I live in France now and I don't have my hairdresser anymore which means I don't have access to Babe hair. It was finally time for a new set so after much research I landed on Glam Seamless, truthfully because of their marketing (I thought a company with such a beautiful website and Instagram must have a solid product to back it up, right????). Wrong.

I ordered 2 sets of their 18 inch Remy Human Hair Tape Ins in (Ash Blonde 60) for a whopping $300. I received them and they looked lovely so I was excited. However, while sitting in the chair of my colorist getting my highlights done - having already bought the hair - I decide to run a google search for reviews of Glam Seamless and my jaw DROPPED.

There was not a SINGLE good review. I sat there, holding the already-opened hair that I'm about to apply, reading from hundreds of women saying they are the worst hair they've ever purchased. So I am obviously panicking but there's nothing I can do now so we install them. The first few days are fine, they're silky - but almost TOO silky which in my opinion is a bad sign - you know what I mean? When they're like FAKE silky? They don't feel real? Yeah, like that.

Fast forward to my first 2 weeks with the hair. I have never had hair this bad in my life. They tangle on their own and turn into this giant matted mess of Barbie hair, ON THEIR OWN. I take good care of my hair. I use a deep conditioner twice a week, I wide-tooth-comb my conditioner through and let it sit, I meticulously use my wet brush after a shower, I air dry, I am good to my hair. And none of it matters with Glam Seamless hair.

With this hair I will do all the steps, dry it, and then curl it into relaxed waves, lay down on my bed for 2 seconds, and then when I sit up I have a BALL OF MATTED HAIR from doing nothing. It's not like I'm on my bed rolling my head around. Nope, I sit down, stand up, hair is in a ball. Some other girl on here described them as Barbie hair and honestly that is the only way to describe them - Barbie hair. Like it get's wildy frizzy and large. The texture feels exactly like a Barbie's hair who has gotten wet - spongey, frizzy, like you could bounce on it... it doesn't lay flat, it does not brush out, it does not de-tangle. I even cut off a piece and burned it to find out if it's real hair because I would have bet my life it's not and yet by SOME MIRACLE it is in fact human hair... just the *** human hair on planet earth. Like I don't know what in god's name Glam Seamless does to their hair to turn natural human hair into this frankenstein monstrosity, but it's deplorable.

I am kicking myself constantly for not reading these reviews BEFORE purchasing. Trust me, please do not buy this hair. One time, in a very desperate situation I bought *** hair off amazon (straight from china) for $20, and that hair was better quality than this Glam Seamless hair.

I've had this hair for about 2 months now and it just gets worse. Lately I have had to resort to SOAKING MY HEAD IN FABRIC SOFTENER just to get them to look somewhat okay. Where did I come up with that solution? Well, I saw an article saying fabric softener will revive Barbie hair and I thought hey, I'm wearing Barbie hair on my head so let's try it out, and low and behold it actually helps. Yes you heard me, I have a jug of Downy fabric softener in my shower because that is how bad this hair is.

See photos of said matting, and that is after brushing it thoroughly.

The ONLY thing I will say that could possibly account for how bad this hair is is that I bought the Remy Human Hair, which means they've been colored. Maybe there is a chance the Virgin Human Hair ones are better. I personally will not be the one to test them and find out but.... maybe someone out there can report back?

Godspeed ladies, don't buy the hair.

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Human Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Glam Seamless Pros: Website, Selection, Videos, Marketing, Photos of hair.

Glam Seamless Cons: Hair quality, Refund policy, Hair description misleading.

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Yes! worst hair ever!


Milk and Blush is trash though! They matte up and turn all dry like that.

How long ago to use them?

I’ve bought from them a few times since they’ve been dirty looks and they are the worst extensions I’ve ever had in my life! And they don’t even respond to their one form of contact (email)!


Wow, thxs! Seeing their product in picture made me change my mind instantly. Thanks you just saved me a ton of money!!!


Exactly the info I'm looking for.Thank you ladies for your honest reviews! It help other women out there who are looking for good hair.I wish I didn't have to resort to using stupid extensions but after losing 60% of my once thick, waist length healthy hair from thyroid disease, I'm stuck with *** flat, thin shoulder length shit**y hair.I believe long hair is SO MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE than short it nedium length hair ( I hate it ).For now I wear the Halo type but out of 8 Halo hair purchases, I gave only found ONE to be genuine quality hair and it happens to be the first one I bought and it got candle wax all in it I had to cut it and since then I've been searching for quality non frizzy tangled flyaway *** Barbie doll hair!

I'm SICK OF IT!These companies who advertise "quality" "100% human" and " soft, shiny" need to back their claims & not just for the first 3 hours of wearing it. Paying $100's of dollars for junk is not going to work for me.I was looking into this company to buy a halo extension and Now I WILL NOT be buying from Glam Seamless. Regardless of what their response was! And it's obvious the anonymous who wrote in and said the girl didn't take care of them right is a moron and obviously works for Glam.

Duh. No thanks you're an ***


I read a review to wash synthetic wigs with fabric softer and water. This helps with shine and to detangle.

I tried it with this product and it definitely helped. I can't say 100 percent it's all synthetic but something is definitely kosher.

Mine only lasted 2 weeks before looking like a rats nest . Judging from the amount of reviews recently I truly hope this company is held accountable.


Post a review on their yelp. They consistently steal people’s money. It’s because the owner hates herself and the world.


Hair is completely fake. I had the same problem with this brand.

Too many people have in fact had the same problem with this company, which should tell you something.

I am sure she didnt spend $600 on extensions to not properly take care of them. I would avoid this company at all costs.


The hair is not fake you just don't know how to take care of it.


She states that she has been wearing hair extensions for over ten years...


And your point??? So she’s been wearing extensions for over ten years???


NO!!! Not true!

It may not be fake but it is NOT about taking care of it. I e had the same issue with them in the past. It is 100% the quality of the hair.

It doesn’t matter what you use on it or do to it. I’ve been a hair stylist for @ 16 years and wear extensions myself so I know how to take care of them and they just matt up on their own just like she said ....


Girl, I've been complaining on their Facebook page for months. I totally agree the hair is fake!


Thank you for your review, not going to waste my money, I’m going to try Babe extensions

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