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I ordered over $500 worth in extensions and products back in Nov. it’s is now mid Dec.

and I’m still battling with them via email and phone to receive a refund. I went up the ladder to their Supervisor, after being ignored and getting generic email responses and to my surprise she said the exact same thing. They have absolutely no care in the world. I have a parent that is in hospice and this is the last thing I should have to be combating, I need my money back and should have received it immediately but instead they have to file a claim.

I know they can do more and they won’t. If you want to get ripped off and treated poorly then this is the right company but if you want your products and people who actually care about paying customers I highly suggest to go elsewhere.

It has come to the point where I’ve had to reach out to the CEO. I’m so upset!

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My issue issue with Glam-seamless has still yet be resolved. They are a bunch of frauds and only rely to me when I email them to see what the status is for a refund. They don’t care about their customers let alone are are proactive to help you.

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