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First of all, the review on her from the owner/CEO is ridiculous. These extensions are horrid.

I spend a total of around $550. I even ordered sample pieces to get the color perfectly correct. The hair looked great when it came in and I had it professionally installed my a stylist who was trained to install tape in extentions. After only 2 washes the hair went from being silky and smooth to rough and matted even after it was flat ironed.

Just walking around for 5 mins it would look like a tumble *** in the back. I have had extensions for about 8 years and these are the worst ones I have used. The owner states that the bad reviews are from people who wanted to save and not install at a salon... wrong!!!

Who would spend over $500 for new hair to just have someone throw them in?? I sure didn’t do that so why would they turn out to be so horrible when I did all the right things to protect them and take care of them... even after they turned to crap after 2 washes. Since I’ve had extensions so long I’m fully aware of how to take care of them and how to brush them and sleep with them.

BTW.. I never swam with them or used product on them that wasn’t supposed to be used. I never used a flat iron or curling iron that was too hot. In fact I would even let them air dry many times and they looked like a coarse, kinky frizzy wig.

It reminded me of a Halloween costume hair that was found at a thrift store. When I did try to curl it, it wouldn’t even curl right. I was so embarrassed to have them in my hair and couldn’t wait to get them out. The one and only good thing I can say is that the color of the hair was the perfect shade.

That’s it. There is zero percent chance that it was either mixed with synthetic hair and/or coated with something to make it seem silky to last long enough to not issue you a refund. There is zero percent chance that it was true Remy hair...

Remy hair doesn’t matte up like a bird nest sitting on the back of your neck!!! Find extensions elsewhere!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Shade of color.

I didn't like: Quality of hair, Exchange policy, Extensions.

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