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After reading all the reviews (good and bad) the bad overweights the good ! I will not be shopping from this company !

Thank god I looked at the reviews before deciding to spend $300 and a over.

Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences and on to the next website ! I definitely won't be taking chances with my money here.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom #1191016

You've had a lucky escape God bless you

It's very much once you pay they don't care less what happens to you or the hair

If I were the CEO I'd listen to my customers and help not fob them off with the same not our problem lines as the reps that work there

Sort it out

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1185380

I will also not be purchasing from this company, they are making too many excuses for their products, trying to pin it on installation even when done by experienced professional licensed hair dressers. They have customers paying extra 50 dollars for next day delivery, and ship a week later. They can't even take responsibility for that, telling the customer they do not "drive the truck" very unprofessional.



Thank you all so much for your concerns. Glam Seamless ethically sources high quality hair and has thousands of happy customers.

These hair extensions are intended for salon professionals only who are required to be licensed and experienced with tape in hair extensions. The reviews you are reading below are from those who have opted to apply the extensions themselves, and then the hair falls out. With proper application, these extensions will last and are 100% reusable. Our tape is strong and effective, and lasts 2-3 weeks.

The reviews you see that are negative are from those who have opted to "Save" money by applying the hair themselves, and then wonder why their hair falls out. Tape in hair extensions ARE NOT DIY. These negative reviews below reflect those who have not followed our instructions. We have thousands of salons worldwide the represent Glam Seamless and would attest that these extensions last and are reusable with proper care and application.

Glam Seamless is the #1 tape in hair extension supplier, and we provide nothing but high quality products. I, Alexandra Cristin, am the founder and CEO of Glam Seamless. I have worn hair extensions for 15 years and I created Glam Seamless because hair extensions were either cheap and low quality or extremely expensive and overpriced. I have experience in fashion, hair, and sourcing extensions.

I am a hair extension pro and I wear our hair. I have personally ethically sourced our hair (from India) and our products and I wear the hair myself. I am also a plus size model who works in fashion in NYC and I have a lot of photo shoots and videos working with hair stylists. Glam Seamless only supplies the highest quality hair and adhesive for safe, organic, semi-permanent extensions.

If you are looking for a great, affordable, high quality product where your hair is ethically sourced and the products are of the highest quality, Glam Seamless if for you.

To those who are looking for low quality hair and DIY semi-permanent extensions, Glam Seamless is not for you. Our customer care team would be more than happy to send you a sample for those in doubt.

to Anonymous #1165444

I agree I have had tape-in hair extensions since October 2009 and they are by no means a DYI project. How would you even go about applying them to the back of your head evenly, and getting the right amount of hair sandwiched between them.

I have purchased Glam Seamless Extra Virgin Remy Hair with the Blue tape and the hair quality is awesome. It is same thickness from root to ends and the blue tape is great, there is no sticky residue left in your hair after removal (which I have found to be a problem with other tape-ins when moving them up you end up with a gummy mess, but not with Glam Seamless Blue tape)

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