I had my tape-in hair extensions for just under three months and just had them removed and retaped. Maybe people who had a bad experience didn't take the time to read the care instructions or buy proper care products.

These extensions are expensive because the hair is high-quality and the brand is well known and trusted.

If you're going to spend hundreds on hair, spend the extra $10 each on shampoo and conditioner. And do your research!

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I think reading through the majority of these reviews most people did care for these properly as many of the reviews posted are from people that wear extensions. Myself included.

I’ve gone back to my usual brand but I’m curious how you’ve managed to do so well with these?

I think many of us here would welcome your knowledge of product use and care since you’ve managed to do what none of us have been able to. Or perhaps many of us here used higher quality trusted brands and used these as an alternative and learned a valuable lesson. Babe, Platinum Seamless, Hot Heads, Aqua...

I’m glad your experience was positive but seriously something is wrong. It’s very concerning that the rest of us have the same issues with this hair.


I’m a long time user of glam seamless extensions. I bought three packs of 10 wefts per pack and they did wonders for my hair!

They did become dry after a few washes but I found that ‘it’s a 10’ hair mask worked great for my extensions. They became more shiny and there were less tangles. I ended up using these extensions for 8 months and had them reinserted multiple times and I even dyed them.

However , I will not recommend to anyone because of the fact that the tape does not come out.

It damaged my hair to the point of no return. I have super thin, fine natural hair so the tape ins would actually break off my natural hair and sticky residue would be left in it.

I found that the only way to get the stickiness out was by peanut butter and olive oil mixed.

Anywho, quality of hair is good but too damaging for it to be worth it.


stay away from glam seamless period. there are hundreds of us who have been sold damaged hair and they will not refund your money.

i posted photos of the hair that was sent to me on this site and it clearly shows the damage and its still attached to the original packaging. this company is a total fraud and i heard they are actually going out of business from all of the complaints so STAY AWAY FROM GLAM SEAMLESS!!

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