I'm posting this here because this list of complaints almost deterred me from purchasing these extensions. I've been wearing hair extensions for 9 years, and while this is my first set of tape ins I've had a ton of clip ins and micro bead sets.

My Glam Seamless set is softer and thicker than any set I've had. Two years ago I began wearing Bellami's and thought they were the greatest thing in the world, now I couldn't imagine going back to them. I have fine, oily hair (aka the worst hair you could have for tape ins) and these stay in place and don't slip at all! I had my hair dresser stuff about 180g of Glam Seamless tape ins in my hair, and they are completely undetectable.

You can't see or feel them (unless you go out of your way to find one). I would have been so upset if I didn't follow through with my Glam Seamless purchase due to these reviews, so I don't want someone to make the same mistake I almost did.

I now have the hair you see on salon instagrams and envy - I never thought my hair could look like this, so trust me when I say ordering these will be one of the best decisions you'll make. Oh, did I mention that I'm extremely tender-headed and these are the most comfortable extensions I've ever had on my head...no joke.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom #1191010

Because Glam didn't write this review did they !!

Making up good reviews to hide the bad

You know it says Glam is the author at the bottom right ?! Lol

Fraud written all over it


I have had tape in extensions since October 2009 and have tried several different companies thru my hairdresser. Glam Seamless are some of the best ones I've ever had they are thick from top to bottom no tapering also the blue tape is awesome does not slide and comes out easily without leaving your hair sticky with residue.

So please try for yourself and I disagree with the review that Sally's are better. Makes me wonder how many people with negative reviews have actually used tape-in extensions for an extended period of time.

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