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Horrific Experience!

My hair stylist recently put the glam seamless hair extensions in my hair. She had used them on many of her clients and they came highly recommended. I was so excited to have the extensions. One of the main reasons being that my wedding is coming up on April 6.

I had the extensions in for about 3 weeks and during that time the hair from the extensions was falling out, rapidly. After sharing this with my hair stylist several times she asked me to come in so we could take them out. When we took them out we were horrified to see that the hair had completely fallen off of all the tape.

We contact Glam Seamless and they told us to send them back to them.

After shipping them back Glam Seamless contacted my hairstylist and shared that they could not replace the extensions because the color was temporarily out of stock. They shared that the product would be back in stock in May. Without consulting us, they went ahead and issued a store credit. Why would we want a store credit if we weren't going to be able to purchase the correct product?!

I have now personally tried to reach out to Glam Seamless to speak to them about refunding our original form of payment so that I can purchase extensions for my wedding elsewhere, however, no one from the organization has taken the time to contact me to resolve this issue.

So now, I am out over $1000.00 and have no extensions for my big day.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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I was going to do an order as I regularly buy extensions but I'll spend my money elsewhere now.

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