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I bought two packages of tape in extensions in dark brown. When I had them installed, they were fine.

For about a week. Then, they started to matte and fall out. Even thought I took proper care of them, they still would be un-brushable in the mornings after I woke up and horrible to straighten and take care of. I tried every trick in the book to take care of them, but even after 1-2 weeks of first installing them, I was super displeased.

I had two certified tape in extension cosmetologists take a look at the extensions and they said that they are 100% synthetic hair. They said they have never seen real human hair become this brittle, dry and matted after taking good care of it for only a week or so. I contacted the company about a month ago, asking them what to do to get a refund. They emailed me back and told me to send them a sample of the extensions.

So I paid almost $10 to send them a sample, priority mail with a tracking number, and waited about a week. They never contacted me. I contacted them and gave them the tracking number and they said they see it was delivered but they “never received it”. WHAT?!

They said they would check with the post office to see if the package was still there. I have emailed them three more times since then, to which they haven’t replied to any of my emails letting me know if they have my package or not. Their customer service phone number says that I’m “calling after business hours” ....at 2 pm EST on a Thursday. Okay.

I am beyond livid at this company for ruining my hair, making me spend nearly $300 on synthetic hair, and then making me go out of my way to send them a sample (and pay more money!) just for them to tell me they never got my package and then ignore me.

I need a full refund. Now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Synthetic Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm going through this same thing currently and wondering if you ever actually received a refund before i continue to waste my time emailing and calling them. So frustrating!

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