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Dear Alexandra (if it was truly you on the review you posted)... I'm sure that some of the bad reviews here are from people who were hoping to save some money and do it themselves BUT I myself am a LICENSED STYLIST for almost 15Years and have been using and installing your extensions for almost 2 years.

Quick background, like I said I have been licensed for almost 15 years and have been a certified extension installer by 3 different brands and then came across your company. At the beginning your hair quality WAS great. It WAS beautiful and it WAS pretty much hassle free....BUT now that you have "expanded" (so I was told by your employees) and the hair is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE now. I had my last THREE orders have matted tangled fried looking disasters your company calls quality hair.

And when I brought it to your attention I actually had your VP Chloe tell me that maybe your company and I are not a good fit anymore....OH I'm sorry that when I or my clients spend upwards of $600 on hair we want it to be RIGHT!!! So because of that I guess I should take my business elsewhere. I sure hope others come across this and know that when they say that with all the salons and stylists that use your hair there are zero complaints THAT IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE !!!!! I have complained myself and I know of other stylist who also have....So please beware!!!

When there are this many negatives, there's got to be a reason.....Just wish I actually came across this sooner....Good luck if you have any issues with them. Oh and these are just a couple photos to show what the hair does on its own.....Have plenty more but figured these were good enough

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $850.

Glam Seamless Cons: Current quality, Customer service.

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Hello Again Alexandra,

What a surprise STILL NO phone call!!! And people wonder why your customer service has such bad reviews?

Just amazing....If you are such a big multi million dollar company like Marissa your customer service manager said, then why can't you offer refunds? And what's a couple hundred dollars to make a customer that has spent THOUSANDS with you happy?!?! It is CLEARLY OBVIOUS that even YOU (the owner) do not care about your customers like you portray. You're just trying to cover your *** and make people who see these think that you do.

Trust me consumers....DO NOT Purchase from Glam Seamless....Especially if you don't have a stylist to do it. They will find any reason to blame anything that happens on YOU!!! They even tried to blame me A CERTIFIED STYLIST for THEIR bad hair....And then when you bring it to their attention and they don't want to fix it they BLOCK your number from calling!!!!

What great business practices there. Just beware...Read the reviews, they speak for themselves.

@Jencarlos Jim

Dear blingblingkam ,

Can you please contact me ? ( krisztinatomcsak@***.com )

or send me your contact please ?


@Koji Hoi

I am having an allergic reaction to glam seamless hair and my allergist confirmed that this is HORSE hair!!! I am highly allergic to horses.

Unbelievable!!! I am speaking to my attorney tomorrow. I have emailed them advising of the last order where my hair was unbelievable matted and disgusting.

They continue to refuse to issue a refund. I’m DONE!

@Koji Hoi

I guess I will be seeing an allergist as well because I have allergies so bad since using this hair but never thought of this!

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