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Dear Alexandra (if it was truly you on the review you posted)... I'm sure that some of the bad reviews here are from people who were hoping to save some money and do it themselves BUT I myself am a LICENSED STYLIST for almost 15Years and have been using and installing your extensions for almost 2 years.

Quick background, like I said I have been licensed for almost 15 years and have been a certified extension installer by 3 different brands and then came across your company. At the beginning your hair quality WAS great. It WAS beautiful and it WAS pretty much hassle free....BUT now that you have "expanded" (so I was told by your employees) and the hair is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE now. I had my last THREE orders have matted tangled fried looking disasters your company calls quality hair.

And when I brought it to your attention I actually had your VP Chloe tell me that maybe your company and I are not a good fit anymore....OH I'm sorry that when I or my clients spend upwards of $600 on hair we want it to be RIGHT!!! So because of that I guess I should take my business elsewhere. I sure hope others come across this and know that when they say that with all the salons and stylists that use your hair there are zero complaints THAT IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE !!!!! I have complained myself and I know of other stylist who also have....So please beware!!!

When there are this many negatives, there's got to be a reason.....Just wish I actually came across this sooner....Good luck if you have any issues with them. Oh and these are just a couple photos to show what the hair does on its own.....Have plenty more but figured these were good enough

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $850.

Glam Seamless Cons: Current quality, Customer service.

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Fraud they’re extensions are not real human hair


Thank you for informing the public.


No, you don't need to be a stylist to wear halo hair. It's the HAIR that is horrid quality not all human hair definitely not remy, what a joke and a rip-off!


My extensions are doing this as well in the upper mid back portion. I have to constantly detangle my hair all.day.


I was actually going to invest in Glam Seamless hair but after reading all these terrible reviews, forget it! I have a lot of friends that were going to convert over based on my experience.

Guess it's off to find something better! Thanks for the HONESTY!!! It's sad, really, because providing a good quality tape-in would be amazing.

Selling a load of crap will only have them out of business in no time. Better save some of that money you're making, #scamseamless you'll be needing it!


Thankyou! I was going to purchase there clip ins because I have super fine hair and they have seamless in 24" but no way I'm so glad I found these reviews!


Awful hair. I put my hair 8 weeks ago and already look friend and tanggled . Never again.


Just FYI, I had the same experience where they claimed they would call or email (they have my order # so they had the contact information ) and they never called. I personally think that level of dishonestly is reprehensible.


Same thing happened to me. Hair is all tangled and matted. Looks awful!


Ya and I'm sure they made it seem like your fault! I know they did with me. But there are other companies that have great quality hair.


Who did you switch to? I need the best extensions possible. I'm not ordering from Glam after everything I've read on the internet.


Actually there's 2 companies I use now for different reasons. But platinum seamless has the most amazing soft feeling hair ever!!!

With a gel adhesive instead of tape.

We have been using them for almost 2 months or so now and are in love!!! I believe they only sell to stylists though so if you aren't one just find one that does extensions and let them know about platinum seamless

@Jencarlos Jim

I m so happy I came across this review board. Saved myself a ton of frustration I suppose.

I also looked into Glam but seeing the reviews on quality of product (probably asian coarse hair coming from China not Europe heavily processed that will leave them looking and feeling after few weeks like hair above horses ***) and customer service ill look around. Not interested in horse hair on my head.

Been there done that. Ill rather spend lots of money on real TRUE quality and feel like a million bucks.


Hmmmm - three times. Wouldn't the first or second time been enough? At the prices you are charging your clients, you can afford to try something else.


Well when it happens the first time you give the company a chance to fix it. But the second and third sets were in the same order.

But one color was on back order so we didn't know it was going to happen!!! Trust me I have tried something else. found another company and their hair is absoulutely amazing!!! Wonder how you know how much I'm charging my clients???

When my clients spend almost $600 that's on the hair from glam seamless that's NOT what I charge them.

That's glams prices!! So interesting comment!?!?!


I wasn't logged in earlier so I just wanted to let people know that it was me who responded to that ridiculous comment that was I'm sure from Glam seamless themselves....Or why would it be anonymous? hmmm right back atcha...

And I never mentioned how much I charge my clients. So ya. That's pretty sly of you guys over there.

A little later I'll submit a couple pics of what glam sent me back around Nov/Dec that was called purple.

Thought it was much more pink but they said it is for sure purple so we said ok and used it. On the last of the replacements they sent the color Raspberry pastel .... Interesting .....

they are the EXACT SAME color!?!? Not sure how that works



It's Alexandra, the founder of Glam Seamless and I am personally responding to this issue, as I see you are a repeat customer and have purchased many times from us. We are sorry you had a bad experience with customer service, I will personally listen to those calls and reprimand or fire anyone that did not take are of you!

We appreciate you here. We are truly sorry for your issues and I will be calling you tomorrow to personally handle this for you. Our quality has not gone down and we have done even thing in our power to make you happy-but at a certain point we continued to lose money sending out for free hair for minor issues. We have changed the way we do things at Glam Seamless.

When you first started working with us, we were much smaller that is true-and we wanted to give you replacement hair to make you happy. But as time went on we found ourselves providing free hair and credits for things that were out of our control such as the postman being late. We stand firmly behind our products, I wear them myself. I would NEVER sell bad hair, I have worn hair extensions for over 15 years and I am an expert at manufacturing them.

I would never want any customer to be unhappy, so we make sure to source only the finest quality hair. I know we have made replacement after replacement- and you are used to getting them but now this is now how we do business any more. We are truly sorry for your experience, but we did everything in our power to make you happy. And giving away free hair for no reason just is not apart of our business model.

We do hope you can see where we are coming from as a business, and give us one more chance. The quality is there-maybe you would like our extra virgin hair better if you have super soft healthy hair-that is a finer softer texture that works for those with thin finer hair.

I do wish you the best and invite you to speak with me. I will be calling this week.


Hello Alexandra,

I really do hope you do listen to all the conversations. It pretty much says it all.

And I look forward to your phone call...Hope it is soon. But these issues are NOT minor....The hair mats and tangles just from walking. It is unmanageable so you have to brush it out every five minutes. No one wants to deal with that in hair they have spent hundreds of dollars on....And I have contacted other stylists through Instagram that have had the SAME issues.

So its NOT just me.

I do seriously look forward to speaking with you as I have not had the time just yet to complete my IG and FB posts that I am planning on posting.



Worst hair ever!!! This company should be put out of business.

My hair matted up just like you stated. Looked like a cheap *** Halloween costume hair. If the owner thinks the hair is so great I still have left over hair that I will gladly give to her to put into her hair to wear and see how she likes having hair that looks like a mad scientist. Have her put her money where her mouth is.

In fact if anyone doesn’t believe me I will gladly give the hair to them so that they can put it in their hair and wash it and see the birds nest on the back of their neck before they try to buy it. That’s how confident I am in telling the truth. Any takers? It’s yours...

the only request I have in return is to come back in here and take pics and show “finest quality Remy hair” that they claim to have. What a joke!! All they have to do is come back on here and maybe other review sites and if they felt like it on their social media to expose these crooks.

I just wonder How many gutters and sink and shower drains they had to go through to find their hair. Gross!!


Alexandra....been about 5 days and still no phone call?!?!?

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