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I generally don't succumb to the comments people make on these websites. Quite frankly its a waste of time, and believing bitter people who would take time to try and sabotage others for their own lack of understanding or patience, is juvenile. Today, I'm feeling artsy. Yet neutral. I have worn glamseamless hair extensions for over two years now. I've noticed differences in the hair a few times. I'm also a very observant person. The first experience was the best experience. I had a trained professional install the hair for me. It was extra virgin hair and at the time I only needed one pack. I used that hair for a few reapplications.

Since Im pretty good at hair, i thought I'd take a shot and install hair myself. That time, I was experiencing hair wefts slipping out. If I were like some of these complainers on here, I'd say its glamseamless' fault, however, I am not a child and take responsibility for my decisions. Yes I saved a few bucks, not having to pay a pro, but I also had to reinstall hair because I could not install it like a pro because I can not see the back of my head or control the hair like someone who can get a full view of head.

Then I chose to get ombre,so i lightened my own hair, Then tried to match the ombre to my hair. That was difficult and I had to dye my hair again to match the ombre. This is the cost of beauty people. My hair is now dry, for trying to match my hair to extensions but that was my own doing.

Its very clear here, people who don't follow instructions, don't take responsibility for their own actions or lack thereof, and don't know what they are doing are always the ones to bash. If you aren't trained, aware or want to give the time to learn the best way to make this product work. Do not do it! you will not have a good experience. This takes time and research like any other good or positive experience in life. I'm a pretty easy-going person so adding hair and it going wrong isn't the end of the world for me. If you're beautiful, you'll make it work. If not, this is beauty not magic. These people sound like they have psychological issues not, hair issues.

So Glamseamless... Whoever is bashing you is only projecting on you who they are, and how they view the world, clearly because of their own choices.

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Have you had other brands?I use tape in donna bella for 2 years.

Tried cinderella hate the width of the bonds and the stiffness.

Was wondering if glam was similar to either?

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