First off the hair isn't true to color. And the Glam strands don't stay in or taped.

I even sent pics and all they could say is to much hair was used. False. They weren't willing to fix anything or offer help. So I will never order another product from this company.

So unprofessional.

Hopefully u wont make the same mistake I did. I also have contacted the Better Business Bureau!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Excelsior Springs, Missouri

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The treatment from this company is vile


I had the same problem. I spent over $200 for my extensions and they are completely different color than I ordered.

They will not exchange because it was a custom order. I'm furious with this company for not helping with this. I will not be ordering from Glam Seamless again.

Now they don't even answer my emails. Terrible customer service.


I agree with ypu 150% Paula and Haley give the entire product a bad name. The worse customer service ever!


I have been wearing hair extensions for 10+ years and KNOW the difference between remy/processed hair that has a TEMPORARY silky feel due to a TEMPORARY silicone coating and REAL virgin European hair. I spent over $400 on virgin hair and their "blue" tape at Glamseamless.com.

Within one day of installing this hair, without even getting it wet it was a snarled mess! The silicone wears off quickly exposing a very damaged hair shaft that looks like a birds nest attached to your head. Horrible! This company states the hair is high quality virgin/unprocessed and will last one year???

This is clearly false advertising and a scam. The blue tape does not hold at all. I have had to reinstall this hair once a week for the last three weeks and now I am DONE. I purchased new hair for an additional $400 from a different company and now have to chase Glamseamless or debate my credit card company for a refund.

HOURS of time wasted. Glamseamless is currently being sued for Patent Infringement in a US District court in Florida, Google it. I am sure they have increased the amount of money they are scamming from consumers to pay attorney's fees and court costs associated with their defense. All of the "positive" reviewers are guaranteed associated with Glamseamless, because there is NO WAY anyone would be satisfied with this product after paying $350.

Misleading consumers with fabricated positive reviews is only giving this scammer company more money. Disgusting. Ladies, save your money and time. If you want frizzy, unmanageable, unnatural, cheap looking hair, cut out the middleman and just buy from a distributor on Alibaba.

You will save hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration.

Next step: filing a case with my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau when Glamseamless refuses to issue a refund for their defective product/false advertising.

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