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I am the owner of a hair salon. I have been using multiple brands of extensions throughout my many years.

After about 7 hours of having the glam seamless micro ext in my hair, they all "popped" open. I am very knowledgeable in prep, application, and care for ext. very disappointed.

Not sure what the problem was. Did observe that the tape end is quite thick.

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Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom #1191002

She didn't say it took 7 hours ! Had them in 7 hours ! Read your emails & you might be able to actually help rather than blame the customer all the time

I wish I had seen this website before ordering

Money grabbers

Rutherford, New Jersey, United States #1184160


The micro extensions are not meant for a full application. No application should ever take 7 hours, it actually takes less than 1 hour.

If sounds the extensions weren't applied properly.

They micro tape ins are for the sides anyway-it seems the problem here is application. Please contact us, we would be more than glad to assist you can take care of you.


Glam Seamless

to Glam Seamless SUPPORT Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1185375

She did not mention how much time it took to place them in her hair, she said they popped open after having them in her hair for seven hours. She had been wearing them for seven hours.

I am glad I found the comments on this link, I was very tempted to make a purchase but seeing their no return policy even on intact, unopened packages definitely raised a red flag for me. Thank you all for sharing!

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