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What a ripoff! I ordered their tape in extension and all the accessories.

I paid $19.99 for express shipping, they sent me a fake tracking number, and then never shipped the product. I complained and they told me the product was backordered. they apologized and said i would receive some free items when my items shipped. i received my order 2 weeks later and i only received the hair and it was the wrong color!!

And it wasn't in a sealed package. At this point, it's been a month since I placed my order. I asked them for a refund because of all the issues and they said they would grant a one time refund, but that i would be charged a $20% restocking fee on the items i received on the order. When I finally got my refund, they refunded me $100 less than what I originally paid.

I should have only been charged $40 for the restocking fee. I complained and have received no response.. Beware!!

This is not a real company...it is a woman selling hair out of her apartment with very poor business skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I disagree. Glamseamless has high quality hair that is beautiful and lasts a long time.

Color matching is always an issue as each computer monitor may display it differently. I have never had a problem and actually had to return hair.

It does take up to two weeks to get orders replaced, because most colors are ordered to each specific request. Don't believe the hype on here.


I love my Glam Seamless extensions, crazy, but I have been using their hair for a year and it is amazing.



Firstly they took almost 2 weeks to send my order, then the hair color was wrong, when I contacted them they did not respond until I threatened to dispute it with paypal.

The person acted so nonchalant about sending the wrong color. Then the extra tape I PAID FOR was not in the package... I called, only to be told it was back ordered.... I would think if something is back ordered a company will let you know that immediately.

Till today a month after my order I still have not received the tapes. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!


I have also had a TERRIBLE experience with Glam Seamless!!! They sent me the wrong color to begin with as well as fewer strands/grams than I ordered.

I e-mailed the VERY DAY that I received the incorrect order and was told that they would ship out the correct order ASAP. I waited the standard 7-10 business days for the item to arrive (I was also given an inaccurate shipping confirmation number) and when I called to inquire as to where my replacement order was I was told THEN told that they can't send out a replacement until the "wrong order" was returned. I was LIVID!! Nothing had been mentioned about me returning the wrong order FIRST and I was on a time crunch because my wedding was fast approaching.

I immediately put the "wrong order" in the mail back to them (at my own expense) and ordered the dark brown shade of hair. Well, when the hair FINALLY arrived 4 days before my wedding...it was JET BLACK!!!! I was BEYOND FURIOUS!!!! I immediately e-mailed and said, "What happened to the dark brown I ordered?" And the response I was given was, "Well, we were out of that shade so we sent you the black instead.?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I feel just like Katya below...what happened to good customer service and letting your customer know when you are out of a specific product rather than just haphazardly sending something else in its place which is NOT what was ordered!!!

I will NEVER order anything from that company ever again!!! I honestly cannot believe that they are still in business!!!!

Van Nuys, California, United States #702379

This website is truly a rip off. I am a hairdresser & ordered these for a client rushing to go out of town.

I asked if they had a starter kit for hairdressers which they said they did. It was 199 plus tax which included a pack of 18" hair extra tape remover spray a brush a comb and a color ring. I needed 22" so we made an arrangement where Id pay 245$(including tax) to get all the things I mentioned and the extra length. They said since the color i chose was with highlights it would take 2 weeks.

Fine. 2 weeks later I only get the extra tape, the remover spray and the hair in 20" inches not 22". I was furious. I paid extra for the length and when i emailed them they said that thays all they had so thats why the sent that lenght.

I run a business. HELLO dont you tell your customer if you dont have what they want? Then they tried to convince me that all yhe thongs i got were the kit I paid for when i have emails of them listing out all the things I was supposed to recieve. They finally apologized and kept pushing 15% off and I said no I dont want any more hair..i just want the rest of my things.

They said fine theyll be shipped that same day. Days later i email them to see the status & guess what THEYRE BACKORDERED ;) I have had enough! I told them forget it. They kept insitstinrg ok having me order more hair with this great discount but I was so pissed I didnt want to do any business with them.

I never got my stuff. I called paypal and filled a dispute. Glamseamless only wanted to gove me like 50$ I wouldnt accept. I wanted atleast half because I didnt get the right lengh or all the things and it was a headache.

They said we wil give you 45 and a pack of hair which retails for 160 and I said. Listen I want 123$ cash. How is ot better for you to lose 160 worth of product that give me my money for you not doin things right. Then they said theyd only give me my money back day of if i deleted the complaint first.

RETARTED!!! Im waitin for my 125$ refund now. This was a drag. The hair sucks.

Its stringy.

Ive had to reapply it so many times with in a month. Complete waste of time & money.

to Katya #975467

im so glad i read your comment along with many others ..as if all your complaints wernt true im sure you wouldnt go out of your way to go online and complain ..to think i could have thrown away 1000s of dollars ..Thankyou for saving mine and my clients time and money .

New Zealand / Australia

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