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What a ripoff!I ordered their tape in extension and all the accessories.

I paid $19.99 for express shipping, they sent me a fake tracking number, and then never shipped the product. I complained and they told me the product was backordered. they apologized and said i would receive some free items when my items shipped. i received my order 2 weeks later and i only received the hair and it was the wrong color!!

And it wasn't in a sealed package. At this point, it's been a month since I placed my order. I asked them for a refund because of all the issues and they said they would grant a one time refund, but that i would be charged a $20% restocking fee on the items i received on the order. When I finally got my refund, they refunded me $100 less than what I originally paid.

I should have only been charged $40 for the restocking fee. I complained and have received no response.. Beware!!

This is not a real company...it is a woman selling hair out of her apartment with very poor business skills.

Review about: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Monetary Loss: $100.


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Absecon, New Jersey, United States #913190

I can not believe that, the products they sell is amazing looking, really nice and soft hair, really can not believe this.

to Emma Jacksonville, Florida, United States #970045

It's seems super soft and shiny in the beginning.Within a few days its a rough, tangled, matted mess.

It feels like Barbie hair and I could barely get a brush through it the entire time I had them in.

San Francisco, California, United States #894909

I purchased hair from Glam Seamless 5 weeks ago and I am in love with the hair.I have washed it and blown it out and it is still as soft as when I purchased it.

I am surprised there are some bad reviews on here, the company is great. The company has several employees who are very helpful. I needed help with a color match and they assisted right away. It seems as though there are some demanding people on here who are not telling the full story.

I checked before purchasing because I was scared with these reviews, but it turns out they are a legit company. Registered, legal, and fully operating as a normal business at an office. I just wanted to write on here to let those who are thinking about buying to NOT listen to these negative reviews.

Sounds like personal problems to me.Great legit company with amazing hair.

to Nicole #1119756

Are you working for GlamSeamless?

California, United States #888282

Received a call today about my shipment.I was told that it needed to be inspected before I was refunded.

What the heck does that mean? I never even touched or used the hair and its pretty palpable!!. I will not be doing business with this company again. I want my refund!!!

Fraudulent company!!!!!

Buyers beware!!!!

BTW Ladies the hair does NOT come in any type of protective package!!!!

San Francisco, California, United States #883429

What is wrong with this company’s customer service (CS)?I ordered from them 6 months ago, and everyone seems to be on the blame train.

I received the wrong color of hair and the owner has refused to work with me and no longer willing to do business.

That is the worst way to handle business.I think if they revamped their CS & Shipping depts., this could be a great company!

Does anyone find it odd that their hair doesn't come packaged?

to Sam #957678

The responses they give blame the customers. I dodged a bullet. Thanks for sharing all.


Well, I placed my first order with the company last week.The shipment came quick.

My complaint is the color of the hair I received is pinkish not golden and the ends are light. The amount of hair they send you is really not much hair. You would have to buy a whole lot of sets to get the looks they advertise.

I just sent them a complaint about my concerns.I will let everyone know how they respond.

Valley Cottage, New York, United States #831424

Remember ladies, Glam Seamless has taken steps to improve our service.One bad review from over a year ago does not represent our company fairly.

We are working hard to provide professional salon quality hair extensions and excellent customer service. Please read the good reviews as well. We do not ask our clients to do so, but they call us and say they posted a rebuttal on this site. Because they have great experiences with our company.

As we have stated in our prior posts, we guarantee that you will have great customer service and love your hair. We have some of the best hair on the market and are working hard to make sure we continue to provide high quality hair and excellent customer service.

See for yourself before you make a decision based off one or two upset customers.Email us at info@glamseamless or call (888) 401-6161 9-5 EST M-F.

Talk to you soon ladies, thanks.

Paula, Customer Relations

to Customer Relations Specialist #1043600

There are far more then one bad review!Thank GOD we didn't make the mistake of ordering from you!

Almost every review had a complaint of some sort. Bad hair, wrong color, couldn't get a refund, poor customer service!

RUN as fast as you can!These people are crooks!

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