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What a ripoff! I ordered their tape in extension and all the accessories.

I paid $19.99 for express shipping, they sent me a fake tracking number, and then never shipped the product. I complained and they told me the product was backordered. they apologized and said i would receive some free items when my items shipped. i received my order 2 weeks later and i only received the hair and it was the wrong color!!

And it wasn't in a sealed package. At this point, it's been a month since I placed my order. I asked them for a refund because of all the issues and they said they would grant a one time refund, but that i would be charged a $20% restocking fee on the items i received on the order. When I finally got my refund, they refunded me $100 less than what I originally paid.

I should have only been charged $40 for the restocking fee. I complained and have received no response.. Beware!!

This is not a real company...it is a woman selling hair out of her apartment with very poor business skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Akron, Ohio, United States #831349

I ordered from glam seamless a week ago and I paid 6.99 for express shipping and got a discount on my hair for being a new customer which was super nice of them! My hair was here within two days and the woman I talked to on the phone was very nice and informative and helpful when I was asking about ordering hair from them!

The hair is amazing so soft and the light blonde matched my hair perfectly!

I honestly think glam seamless has the best hair and customer service out of anyone I've ever delt with and I've had a bunch of different brands of hair! I will deff be ordering from them again in the near future

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #825818

Geez~ well i am online shopping for tape in hair extensions; but clearly don't need to order from here. I have zero patience for slow shipping and wrong orders... anyone else have a suggestion on where to get them from that has good reviews on service??

to Surprised #825942

Trust me they ship every 24 hours! They are amazing.

Whoever wrote this is clearly bitter. I love their hair and wear the extra virgin.

Try them they have grown their company. You get the best price and quality hair.

to Surprised Valley Cottage, New York, United States #828358

We at Glam Seamless tried to rectify the situation with the complaint. One complaint does not speak for the thousands of happy customers, many of which are repeat customers.

We gave this person all of their money back and resolved all issues with her as well as gave her many discounts to make her happy. Glam Seamless is a registered LLC business, we have the best hair, the best customer service, and we have the best tape in extensions. Do not let negative people keep you away from the best hair.

We work hard to provide excellent customer service and provide professional salon quality hair.

We guarantee you will be pleased with our service and product. Email us any time with any questions you may have at info@glamseamless.com


to Surprised Akron, Ohio, United States #831350

I got my hair within two days!!!!

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #815605

From all the reviews, it sounds like they have a problem in their packaging department. What a shame, because I hear their hair is the best.


so glad i did not order from them sounds like they have terrible customer service!


Glam Seamless Hair is hands down a great company and one of the best in the industry. They are busy due to their recent popularity, so at times there is a delay in return calls and exchanging colors.

But they take care of everyone-period. Some of you women on here sound impatient and rude. Because they don't get back to you in 12 hours, your saying they're a scam? Run from an apartment?

Not true. They are a registered business, and LLC company. Yes, they are busy. Yes they have longer response times from time to time-but the hair is amazing.

I switched from Hotheads and Donna Bella hair because this quality and price are amazing. ANYONE reading this site should know that the women reviewing negative comments, may have had a bad experience due to their impatience-BUT there is not doubt that Glam Seamless has the best quality hair-period. Khloe always takes care of me. Just ask for her.

I have been with them for 2 years. LADIES-Don't get scared away by this false information. Glam Seamless is a great company and no one compares to their hair.

PERIOD. <3 :zzz

to Victoria #778574

Impatience? Don't presume to know about MY experience.

to Anonymous #813664

You are definitely rude I have glam seamless also and it is the best on the market and I had no trouble receiving them. If you want long hair you might as well hope your head will grow it out for you because with your attitude that's the only way you'll be happy.


Dear Pissedoff:

My name is Paula and I recently joined Glam Seamless to help with customer service. I have been monitoring all phone calls and emails and would be happy to address your issue.

Without a name or order number, there isn't much I can help with. We are happy to make things right for you and all customers. Please send inquires to info@glamseamless.com and we will fix any order that was shipped incorrectly. We are working hard to address any issues.

Thanks everyone, we do have the highest quality tape in hair on the market, both wavy and straight, so give us a try. You will not be disappointed and can work directly with me to insure you get exactly what you are looking for.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Paula White

Customer Relations Specialist


to Customer Relations #775666

I left vm messages with my order number everyday for several days in a row!! I wrote emails, fb messages and instagram messages.

Not a word for days!! I expressed shipped because I was leaving the state and needed the hair. I was told I would have to ship back the other (on my dime) before anything could be done. Are you flipping kidding me??

I didn't have the time nor did I want you to screw up worse than you already have. I then said to just refund my money for the difference since i paid for 4 packs of 22inch but got 2 packs of 18 inch since then I had to order more product from a professional company who didn't screw up.

Then I was told I would be refunded the difference but that their system couldn't do refunds. Who in the *** runs a business like that? Then I was told to remove my comment so the process would go more quickly.

That is such ***. My total order was almost $500 and I don't have nothing to show for it. Never once offered anything to make this right except a coupon for my next order? You're crazy to think I would ever be that *** to order anything again.

Since it is obvious I'm not getting the correct product or my refund I will find ever consumer sight possible and tell of my experience with this company. Don't act like you know nothing without my order number.

I'm sure you have it as many mesdages I left. I'm not the only one you scammed.


Wow, *almost* ordered from this company. Looks like you all saved me hundreds of dollars, time, and disappointed clients.


-Relieved hair stylist.


I recently placed order. Got it very quickly HOWEVER, order was all wrong.

I ordered all the same color but one pack was a different color, I didn't get all the packs I ordered and PAID for AND I ordered 22 inch but got 18 inch. I have left messages and emails and still no response.

My order was over $400. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN.


I am a repeat customer with Glam Seamless and have had no problems. It is unfortunate that these things have happened. Every company faces bad reviewa, but what I think consumers should look at is was the problem addressed and resolved.

Bloomingdale, Illinois, United States #734285



First of all, Glam Seamless, your comment below is very unprofessional to post negative comments about me "the customer" in telling my true and honest experience in dealing with your company. Yes, you did resolve my issue and refund my money, but it doesn't take away from the negative experience I had with your company.

You refunded my money and asked me to delete my comment, but then call me "negative and spiteful." You say you have "the best customer service," but your comments prove otherwise. That is no way to conduct a professional business.

to christie77 Los Angeles, California, United States #883355

So glad I found this!!!!

I am going to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE Glam Seamless hair!!! All my family and friends use this hair from East to West coasts.

However, the customer service here is a joke. As a CSR, you take the good with the bad. You don’t act in a retaliatory manner, and you don’t sit there and point the finger. There are reasons why people get upset and unpleasant to deal with.

The first mistake on their end was sending the wrong hair color, and blaming the customer. Chloe failed to follow up, and sent a copout email instead. Pretty professional, huh? If someone wants to be blond, why would they order brunette?

My sister paid for overnight shipping, again and was promised by Paula for Saturday delivery. However, Paula followed up with a very rude email, after misinterpreting what was sent to her. I wasn’t aware that Paula was a hairdresser and could mess up someone’s hair? Anyways, Paula intentionally never sent the overnight shipment.

That’s pretty expensive to be getting 4 days, after-the-fact. This was a very unprofessional way of handling your customers.

Unless this company can work on more effective communication tools, and not just hide behind emails & IM’s when things get challenging, and start acting more professional, I would give them another shot. Right now, you may be losing a handful of customers.

Your Customer service is worse than Sprints!!!!!!!!

Curious, why isn’t this company open on Saturdays?

Most salons are….


Oh Wow! I'm so glad I checked this site first! Uff!

to Uff #731309

No, we are an excellent company. We gave this person all of their money back and resolved all issues with her as well as gave her many discounts to make her happy.

She is very spiteful and negative.

We are a registered business, we have the best hair, the best customer service, and we have the best tape in extensions. Do not let negative people keep you away from the best hair.

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