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What a ripoff!I ordered their tape in extension and all the accessories.

I paid $19.99 for express shipping, they sent me a fake tracking number, and then never shipped the product. I complained and they told me the product was backordered. they apologized and said i would receive some free items when my items shipped. i received my order 2 weeks later and i only received the hair and it was the wrong color!!

And it wasn't in a sealed package. At this point, it's been a month since I placed my order. I asked them for a refund because of all the issues and they said they would grant a one time refund, but that i would be charged a $20% restocking fee on the items i received on the order. When I finally got my refund, they refunded me $100 less than what I originally paid.

I should have only been charged $40 for the restocking fee. I complained and have received no response.. Beware!!

This is not a real company...it is a woman selling hair out of her apartment with very poor business skills.

Review about: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Monetary Loss: $100.


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I was going to order from this company but after reading all the reviews I would not order anything from them .It seems like there's a lot of bad customer service and the hair is not what it appears to be.

we were ready to order but decided to read the reviews first and no way no way no way would I order from this company.I will look for a more reputable company and they will get our business!


No it's not


Agreed.I spent $350 on their "virgin" hair and it is remy processed hair that is a frizzy mess once installed WITHOUT even washing it yet.

This company is running a scam and falsely advertises that their hair is top quality and will last a year.

I have had it for a week and it a snarled birds nest like MESS!!!!!DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!


Wow this is appalling. Sounds like you have a great product but do not have a clue how to run a growing business. If the product and price point is so great maybe you should raise the price a bit so you can afford to properly service your customers, assuming you can't afford to because there is no other logical explanation for all of these bad experiences to continue without resolution customer service.

Darien, Illinois, United States #996346

I have ordered from them numerous times and have never had anything like this happen to me.And our orders normally come in within 3 days.

They have always been nothing but helpful, and I am shocked to see a review like this.

And also my hair has always come in packaged.This sounds like nothing from the company I Order from!

to Anonymous Weehawken Township, New Jersey, United States #996799

I agree with you, I have ordered hair for my salon from Glam Seamless for the past 3 years and have never experienced this.My hair comes in 2 days, is always packaged and sealed, and their team is great.

Sounds like a bitter customer or a competitor.

Glam Seamless hair is the best and the price point is great.All of our clients are happy at our salon,


Glam Seamless extensions are amazing I do not agree with these reviews.You have to get them installed by a professional!

Most on here probably don't even know how to care for hair extensions. Hair extensions dont care for themselves! You have to take care of them!

They are by far one of the best online hair extension companies out there.Very happy with their hair and service.

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #952758

Bad quality hair.I ordered and received $800 worth of tape in hair extensions because of all the comments I read about the ''great quality" of their hair.

I had the hair installed by a professional and honestly, after 2 weeks of having these extensions in, they are tangling up a storm. I ecwn bought their special shampoo and conditioner, however that did not help.

Very disappointed.Waste of money for sure.

to Bebe1080 Jacksonville, Florida, United States #970044

This is exactly what happened to me!The hair was garbage and it damaged my hair!

Such a waste of money.When I emailed them about the *** hair quality they pretty much said our hair is great quality and everyone else likes it so sorry you didn't basically.

to Anonymous #1025549

Same thing happened to me.I have had their hair in for a month and have lost over half of it to shedding and break.

It was installed by a professional and I take amazing care of my extensions. It has been tangling and shedding since day one. I figured since they get such good reviews maybe I just happened to get a bad batch. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I have been emailing them since week one and they pretty much just keep saying their hair is great quality and do not address anything in my email. What a wast of hundreds of dollars. DO NOT BUY THESE unless you are willing to gamble. Maybe you will get the right order, maybe you wont.

Maybe the hair will be good or maybe it wont.At this point I would have gotten better hair ordering ten dollar hair off ebay...what a joke.

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