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Update by user May 14, 2019

Not much to update. They did respond on trust pilot to my review, saying they couldn’t refund my money because I had disputed with my credit card company already and the funds were frozen, another lie.

I’m actually still paying on this fake hair I never wore because used sezzle to make payments ♀️. I actually changed my credit card number after that, but sezzle somehow got my new credit card number from MasterCard wtf! Didn’t know that was possible! And in my last emails with glam seamless, these jerks mentioned the burn test and said they would love for me to send them of video of the results as they care about the quality of their hair.

Ok so I do only to have them respond saying that they now have documentation that I damaged the hair so they could not take the hair back now. Just WOW, shady as heck. Told them I burned a separate single weft I bought from them and not the hair I’m trying to get refunded for, no response to that. I knew better than to burn the hair I wanted refunded already ♀️.

There is no other hair company selling hair over the internet without a tester weft or some way to actually see the hair before being stuck with it that I have experienced in my over a decade of wearing extensions. I had bought two single wefts from the them separately and since my review I have tried toning with purple shampoo several times and no color change at all. I will try actually toner dye next and see what happens.

Not sure what these people are selling but it’s now 100% remy human hair. Most likely it’s the same synthetic they use for their synthetic ponytails.

Original review posted by user Mar 15, 2019

Everything that glam seamless says here in their replies is a lie. Their hair is fake, not real or remy.

They do not send a tester weft, just a box that cannot be returned after opened . Even so I was told they would refund my money if I had not worn the hair. I sent the hair back still fully attached to ties in a bundle, unworn. These fools just sent the hair right back to me, said it had a smell .

I complained about the quality of the hair several times. Glam seamless claims here that they want to know if there is “one single hair” that is not real, well the hair I was sent was full of clear plastic hairs in the dark half of the ombré, and even had black hairs in with the blonde . Hair looked and felt plastic. Glam seamless did not refund or exchange.

Never a word in response to my complaints about the quality, and did not honor their claim of a six months guarantee quality warranty. I am still sitting here with the same fake hair in the package with no money returned to me. This place is scamming people out of their money and sitting here answering complaints with a bunch of lies. My intention was to review this company and see if these complaints here on their site were valid, as I am always interested in finding good hair companies, and tired of the bad ones.

When the company offered to refund after the box was opened, I thought maybe they were as bad as the claims here but the complaints here are true, it was all just part of their scam. I video taped the whole process and will post to YouTube soon. This hair definitely has synthetic hair and could possibly be ALL synthetic.

They will not refund your money, even if the color is simply wrong, and they will not honor their warranty even if you never even wore the hair . Just a bad bad hair company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Also forgot to mention that when glam seamless sent the hair back to me it seemed like less hair! Weighed it and it did not weigh 180grams.

I called in and asked if the 180grams advertised included the weight of the clips, and was told no, hair should weigh 180 without the weight of the clips. So then when I said well the hair I have doesn’t even weigh 180, then the story changed wtf! I don’t think they sent back the same hair or some of the wefts were removed or changed.

I can’t believe these people told me to send back only so they could send me back half the hair. Seems like they think they can get away with anything without recourse.

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