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I’ve ordered the red extra virgin hair on several occasions and considered it the best hair I’d ever found then one day they were out so I had to order brown and dye it. I was AMAZED!

This hair was so silky and soft I actually used it 5 times which 3 was the most I’d ever been able to go before and even after the fifth time the hair was still silky and soft but the tape in pieces were starting to break.

I spend a lot of money up front but I save so much in the end bc I can use the hair over and over. Even my hairdresser was shocked at the quality and is now using them in her hair.

Reason of review: On time delivery.

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Oh it starts out great girl but be prepared for the rip off. That’s exactly what they did to me.

One of your orders will be totally wrong and they will not refund your $600. And then you’ll be back here for sure telling us all about it...and we will all be here for ya!


Hey I never said I didn’t love glam seamless their extra virgin extensions was the last kind I ever used and I’m stuck on them. Do I like the tape not so much but I’ve never had hair this beautiful and shiny!


This is a complaint website.

It is not for free advertising or apple polishing.

Tell us about someone who ripped you off or failed to provide service.

Spoiled food, cheap paper towels, lousy dental work ; you get it.

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