Dear Future Glam Seamless Customers, (Discount below too)

I am the founder and CEO of Glam Seamless extensions and I am here to comment on the negative reviews below. Glam Seamless sources 100% remy human hair from India, and our hair is ethically sourced and fair trade. Unlike other brands, we guarantee our quality and product. Our tape is 100% medical grade adhesive, that lasts 8-10 weeks and is reusable. Our products are for salon use only, and a lot of the reviews you are reading below are from those who installed the hair themselves, and wondered why the hair fell out.

I created Glam Seamless because I was tired of being ripped off by low quality extension companies and overcharged by higher brands. Someone needed a middle brand, high quality hair, affordable price. That is why I founded Glam Seamless; I know and LOVE hair extensions, I'm a model/TV personality who has worn extensions for years, and I wanted to provide a quality product to women worldwide that's affordable.

I personally wear our tape extensions and personally cannot live without them. We have thousands of customers and salons who are happy and love our product. We invite you to join our Glam Seamless team. The reviews you are reading are by those who wanted to "Save" and put the extension in themselves, and then wonder why theyre falling out. Tape extensions are not DIY.

We have high quality hair, medical grade tape, and thousands of glamorous customers. We encourage you try our products, we even have samples. I wear the hair myself and would NEVER sell bad product. I've been on TV and modeling for years, a girls hair extensions make all the difference. Our hair extensions are high quality and will make your hair glamorous. Please know I wanted to personally write those to say, don't miss out on a great product, because a few people wanted to skip the note that said "must be installed at a salon."

GET 12% OFF WITH CODE PC12 and try us out. You will be so happy you did. By the way, make sure you use one of our certified pro's so you're hair lasts and is reusable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Glam Seamless Pros: Hair.

Location: New York, New York

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"Our products are for salon use only, and a lot of the reviews you are reading below are from those who installed the hair themselves, and wondered why the hair fell out."Lies. The reviews are mostly on your return policy and how you sucker people out of money via the way you set it up so that you keep our money AND charge us fees on top of it.


LMAO you were tired of poor quality extensions and getting RIPPED OFF. thats what you do to all of us girl and you became exactly what you despised.


Sorry but your hair is the worst quality I've ever experienced. And mine were installed by a expert in your brand and extensions so please don't blame it on the DIY. Your customer service is also about the worst I've ever encountered.






Awful customer service. Not our problem attitude ! It is your problem if you don't provide a product but are happy to take the funds !!


Ms CEO, this is the kind of customers service your reps are providing. When i spoke with Paula today she never tried to fix the issue she caused me because she didn't read the email i twice sent.

She read after i told her.

Instead she excused herself, spoke to me as if i was some punk off the street. She told me Glam Seamless had 1000 of satisfied customers, as if to say i didn't matter. Instead of apologizing, she engaged me. The other girl hung up on me.

..horrible, horrible customer service. You need to rethink your business before you loose credibility and potential customers. Customer service is vital in todays world. The hair is nice but there's always other companies that provide the same or better hair and provide great customer service.


Colors after dyed.

See difference in length, tape...etc

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On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 1:41 AM, Johanna Zamora wrote: Update hair exchanged received "HUGH PROBLEM" 1st: I received the same color #4, I sent back. The exchange was for a 3 not 4. 2nd: I ordered the blue tape double drawn not the clear tape, single, which is what I received. 3rd: I had to keep the appointment I made a month ago because I didn't want to wait another month nor should I have too.

4th: Because of Glam Seamless lack to detail, I had to pay out another 100.00 to have the hair pieces dyed to the darker color. You know what's really sad about this whole situation? Is that the hair is great, awesome, I love it and would probably continue to buy from Glam but the no return and exchange policy is ***. I mean, if Im paying a lot of cash for the hair, I want to see it before it goes on my head, don't you think?

I have pictures if you want to see them I'll be more then happy to upload them to you. Wrong hair color, size, clear tape not blue tape, wrong everything ???? screwed all the way around. Thank God my hair dresser is awesome, she did her best to make them look descent.

My question to you is what is Glam Seamless going to do to fix this big mistake? Johanna


I was thinking about bringing this hair into my salon but now after the reviews I'm not so sure. The used to awesome customer service and exchanges if color doesn't match...change those few things then I will bring your product into my salon.

Get rid of Paula chick...that's number one thing! And I buy a lot of hair extension.



We would love to have you apart of our network. We have improved our customer service and our products have always been high quality.

If you are interested in having Glam Seamless in your salon, we would be more than happy to work with you.


Glam Seamless


wow only to the salon that tells you will buy a lot from you as if the rest of the peoples money didn't matter right? I had a really bad experience with the return and customer service ..your customer service does not seem to have improved as today is December 9 2016 and I have been trying to get ahold of you guys for 3 days now...and I chatted with paula and she was so extreamly rude to me as well..

I called 4 times chatted 2 times once with paula and the other time with Isabella.

I went to you tube and fb to get yalls attention...you add all the individual people that buy hair extensions from this website im pretty sure yall get *** of a lot of money from us not just salons. this was my first time buying with you guys and my experience was terrible.


You guys are a bunch of financial ***. All you ever Needed to do was addressed the concerns and complaints of all of us who spent a lot of money buying your product, but instead you ignored all of us after sending garbage.

I have personally talked many buyers out of buying your product just on this site alone. I have been emailed from Amazon customers thanking me for warning

Them. This is thousands of dollars you lost and will continue to lose when all you had to do was replace the hideous hair you sent. So simple!

Don’t you know how this internet thing works?

People google search nowadays and when they see how corrupt Glam Seamless is they don’t buy what you’re selling. You will be out of business soon and that

Gives all of your victims great pleasure :)


Don’t do it! Your cherished clients will hate you for it :(

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