I called several times and was told they would overnight the extensions that were never ship.. I needed them sou stylist could apply and have now cancelled 4 appts w her.

When I called again they finally shipped them out but to the WRONG address even after I said on the

Phone my correct address.

I wasn't able to get my hair done for the holidays and now still don't know where my order is ... It was turned down at the address they tried to ship it to k owing it was just a week stay for a vacation at am AIRBNB not my home..

My other complain is using the word " Pissed" customer implies something is wrong and irrational w you customers.. who would use such a slang word to describe customers.. it's not the wording of a reputable company ..

it's ghetto slang , all it does is dumb down your company and make the administrators look uneducated...

Just some advice.. I would never tell someone I was " " "Pissed off"

Store Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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