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Good Morning to whom it my concern, I had purchased glam seamless extension about 8 weeks ago and I’m very disappointed with the quality and how expensive they were. I am a licensed hair dresser and I’ve used multiple different lines of extensions I’ve read the reviews on your website they seemed like a really good quality but since day one I have not been able to curl them, they get tangled and matted.

One of the main reason why I wanted to try your brand was because it states on your website that these extensions “don’t shed” and stay thick and feel full. I had to take out my extensions due to the fact that they shaded so badly and look terrible and very thin. I bought 22inches and due to the shading there about 16 inches now. I don’t know if maybe I had gotten a bad batch but the amount that I paid for, for these extensions I feel like I deserve my money back because I only got one use out of them because now they are so thin and short there is no point of me to put them back in.

They thinned out so bad that they didn’t even blend with my natural hair. Another thing is I always curl my hair and for the past 8 weeks I haven’t been able to style my hair the way I wanted to.

I would really appreciate some returning my email, I feel like this was unfair to me and this was a bad experience. If I could give a no star I would, do NOT buy these extensions Sally’s beauty supply has better quality and its $100 cheaper!

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Hair Extension.

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They don’t seem to give a crap about their customers; it’s like once they got your money , you’re dead to them and just an annoyance, better business bureau needs to be called, they are taking advantage of people, I haven’t purchased this product because of the reviews, but all of you who got burned by this company should get together and sue this company , *** they treat people this way

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