First of all, I purchased my extensions monday. I went with this company because I was searching for a new brand of extensions.

I saw their ig and thought I'd give it a try. Funny thing is, in 20 minutes of me asking for a color match I got a response by email. I thought hey, you know what they have quick customer service I'll order from them. I WAS WRONG.

Do not be fooled. I placed my order Monday! It says it ships the same day, it does not. I even paid for priority mail shipping.

Meaning 2-3 days. Well it's exceeded 2 days now. And I have not received any indication id receive my items by this week. No email confirmation that my hair has been shipped and no tracking info but yet the money is gone from my account.

It says it ships 5 pm the same day. It does not. Plus no response to my emails or online chat. Worst???

They read my online chat and didn't respond/said a connection was lost but look at my connection I was on wi-fi with 3 bars how was my connection lost?!?? and the second time they read my message and then ended the chat. They even ignored my emails. I don't even know what I'm going to do.

Seriously, wish I came here first. When other customers complained about glam seamless charging their accounts and not receiving the products and the *** customer service. You have been warned. I really want my product shipped out or a full refund.

I'm praying something happens as I literally have not heard from them and don't even bother calling their hotline it's a voicemail direct line. It says orders are processed within 24 hrs or less...

what a joke. I literally spent close to $300 for a headache and false shipping advertising.

Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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We are sorry that the shipping courier had a delay, we cannot control the shipment once it is our of our hands. We will however work hard to get this resolved for you right away and we will call them on your behalf to make sure this product gets in your hands ASAP.

We make it very clear that orders after 2PM EST will ship the next day.

This is an issue that can be easily resolved, you will love the hair once it arrives. Please allow us the chance to work with USPS and get the hair, this is not an issue with Glam Seamless, but rather an issue with the shipping carrier - which is not apart of our business.


LIARS!!! they are liars at Glam Seamless do not believe anything they say! if they say the sun is shining, bring an umbrella.

stay as far away from these crooks.


Indeed, it is your problem with the shipment!! Not only that, but I've read multiple complaints about the same issue, as well as experiencing it first hand.

Remember, when a package is tracked, it shows when it was received by the carrier. Note: it was a delay on Glamseamless part.

Also, if your clients are complaining about who YOU use for a carrier, it's your responsibility to resolve it. WE don't choose who to bring it to us.

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