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No one has a *** clue as to what they're doing!

I constantly have issues with this company and this is the last time I'm dealing with them. I wish I didn't have to, but this order has already started and so I have no choice. The women that work there all give different stories as to why something went wrong and then blame it on you!! I ordered a #8 in April and loved the color and have matched my hair perfect to it.....I order an #8 again, totally different color. They say I should have used their color samples to order.....if I ordered the same color why would I need that???? The sent the wrong color last time and this time they send what they say is the right color, but this is my fault!!! Completely unprofressional company!@!!! Stay clear!!!!
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

How can a company operate like this ! It's vile !!!

It looks like there's only Paula and Hayley there !!!

There isn't even a name on the emails they send me!? I have no idea who I'm dealing with !!!!


They did the same thing to me and then refused to fix it. The two girls i dealt with were horrible ..Haley hung up on me and Paula yelled at me as if it was my fault they messed up my order, excusing their mistake and then not correcting it.

I will never buy from this company again.

They can keep their 1000 happy customers as Paula indicated to me when i told her i was unhappy. if she was trying to tell me i wasn't a valued customer and meant very little to them .

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Other Product Review

I want to order the product id there any facility of cash on delivery. ?
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Arvetta Brh

Resolved: Frustrating customer service

Updated by user Apr 15, 2015

Here's a little update to my review! So since I posted my review the owner got in contact with me and helped work everything out!

She was super helpful and nice! Like I've said before a lot of people have had a good experience with this company and after talking to the owner I do believe that this is a good company. As a small shop owner I know that not every single transaction will be perfect but it's how you deal with the problems that matters.

I feel that ultimately I got help and really appreciate that the owner cares about their company so much. Based on all the positive reviews out there for this company I'm sure my experience was a pretty rare one and I believe this is a good company.

Original review Mar 02, 2015
I'm writing this review to save others from my experience. Let me start by saying I don't think this company is all bad and I picked this brand because I read a few positive reviews. All these positive reviews now leave me frustrated though because I had such a horrible experience and I don't understand how anyone could have a positive one. Okay so when I first got the extensions I thought they were good, they felt soft and they were shiny and instead of the 18" I ordered they accidentally sent me 22" so that seemed cool. I have to say they are EXTREMELY thin. I ended up buying another pack and was accidentally sent the same length again and was pleased. I had to wait a week to get them applied so I kept them in a safe spot and in good condition. When the day came to apply the tape in extensions I noticed even before they were on my head they seemed to tangle very easily but I trusted everything would be fine. I was so wrong. Two packs of their hair( which is very expensive) looked horrible. To even make the hair look okay I would have had to buy two more packs and i'm not made of money. It took a lot of styling to make the hair look acceptable and I figured i'd try it for a few days before calling my stylist and having her remove them. I took extra care of them, you are supposed to use special hair care products and a special brush so keep that in mind, luckily I already had the special care products. The short time that I had these extensions in I found that they got tangled very easily and hair just kept falling out, it was really just cringe worthy so I took them out with coconut oil myself. I figured having short healthy hair was better than having extensions that just did not want to work with me. Now for the worst part of this experience, the customer service. Sure, when I was asking questions before I got them applied they were kind and helpful but when I had a problem they were quick to play the blame game. They made me feel like it was all my fault, they implied I didn't take care of them and insisted they would not give me a refund. I'l' admit that I got pretty upset. After spending over $200 on such a bad experience who wouldn't? It just felt like everything I said to them was ignored and like they didn't view me as a customer anymore. After emailing them back and forth for what seems like forever they finally broke their no refund policy and will now *MAYBE* give me a refund if I spend even more money to send the hair back to them so they can examine it . They ignored my email, so I emailed them again and they replied by saying they need to examine the hair. I ask AGAIN how exactly is the hair tested and I was ignored for about a week so I sent another email asking to know exactly how the hair is tested and no reply still. It seems really odd to me that they won't tell me how the hair is tested. Again, this company must not be all bad because there are positive reviews. I'm posting this so people know that they need to be careful with this company because they say they will help you but from my experience that isn't true. It's been exhausting, it's been upsetting losing all my money I invested in this, and I would never recommend this company(unless maybe you have very thin, straight, healthy hair already.) This company may not be all bad but since there is such a bad possible outcome i'd recommend just going with another company to be safe. While looking for negative reviews to see if anyone shared my experience I noticed that the company comments on every negative comment made about them to try and deny it and that seems pretty weird to me, the way you deal with problems isn't to just deny them. On the bright side I went to sally's and got real hair extensions on sale for about $50 and they're 3x thicker than two packs of glam seamless and they've worked amazing so if you need a cheaper alternative I highly recommend those! I wish my experience was as good as some others but I guess you win some you lose some. I'll keep everyone updated in case I finally get a refund! Oh by the way I spent about $247 total on two packs and it's barely any hair at all.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund


Blaming the customer is exactly what they do

Take responsibility for your company !!!!!!


I had the exact same problems with these extensions. The quality was awful and they ruined my natural hair. This purchase was a huge, expensive mistake.


Oh my goodness. I can imagine how frustrating that was, especially given their reply.

That wasn't an appropriate rebuttal and it certainly didn't address the problems. The wrong people in charge of PR and customer care can cost you.

Thank you for the review. I planned to purchase these, but will not risk dealing with them.


Hello Erin,

We are sorry that you had that customer service experience it sounds like there was a misunderstanding-and we aren't "denying" anything. As our website states you need two to three packs of hair extensions for a full look.

This is one of the most cost effect hair extension methods out there for semi-permanent hair extensions. Totaling around $500 for the hair and install for tape extensions, where other hair extension methods start at $1500. The hair lasts for three months and is reusable. We have made our hair affordable and it is for those who know hair extension prices.

Our remy hair in single drawn, meaning slightly thinner ends. You complained about them being thin. Some people prefer that to have a more natural look. Our Extra Virgin hair is double drawn and thick all the way to the end.

Our hair is slightly more expensive because we use higher quality hair and eco friendly natural products-which allow a longer lasting hair extension. With proper care and use of hair care products the hair doesn't tangle or mat ever.

You say that your hair fell out, did you use one of our certified professionals? Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions never fall out.

We know this because we wear the hair ourselves. The hair only falls out if the hair wasn't applied properly. These extensions are not DIY and must be put in by someone who has experience. There are certain techniques that need to be done to make sure that they stay in.

We teach stylists that in our online education course which is why we recommend using one of our trusted professionals listed online who was certified with us.

I want to personally say we are sorry for your experience. If someone didn't respond they were not ignoring you, we just have a lot of customers all over the world so it can take a day to get back. Glam Seamless cares about our customers and our brand.

We work hard to have amazing products at a fair price. Our price is lower than a lot of the top brands, yet our hair quality is just as good. We wish you the best with your hair extension search and if you ever need hair please use code GLAM for 10% off your order plus free shipping.

Thank you for the feedback.

We strive to make our customers happy and have the best hair.

99% of our customers are happy. If you need anything else or want this resolved simply email our customer support team.


I actually ordered 3 packs (60 wefts) and was more than enough. Hair was thick and seemed to be good quality.

In a couple of weeks. it tangled and matted so badly, stylist was even unable to untangle and had to remove almost half of the bonds on the right side of my head.

I am a veteran tape in hair extension wearer with almost 4 years straight of salon installed tape in hair (another salon only brand).

I was very happy with the thickness of the wefts but extremely unhappy with how the hair tangled within a few hours one afternoon of normal wear. I truly don't understand how they extensions tangled so severely.

Never had an experience like this prior.

Usually, I spent about 600-700 dollars prior in salon for just hair and additional for install but lasted about 9 months at least.

I spent over $400 for hair from glam seamless but lasted less than a month before tangling into a ball. I am quiet unsatisfied and perplexed.

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Marque Zva
map-marker Chandler, Arizona

These Just fall out of my hair NOT WORTH IT

I purchased the 22inch wavy extensions and paid $269 for two packs PLUS $70 next day shipping -_- The hair itself is good quality, lays flat, is thin and soft. BUT If they weren't applied with heat they just fell out. I could literally peel them apart myself and take them out with little to no effort. Even when they were put in they would hardly stick to the hair. I've had tape in extensions multiple times and have never experienced such a WEAK bond ever. It was never mentioned to use heat on the website so I looked up reviews of your extensions, multiple reviews say to bond with a low heat. After doing this, most of the extensions stayed in. But at least one or 2 will come out each time i shower. For this amount of money I would expect better quality adhesive. That's exactly why they sell "regular tape" for only $12.99 The roll of extra strength tape is $70!! For $269 you get *** tape. You have to UPGRADE to "virgin hair" to get the super blue tape!!! Insane. I left a bad review and they contacted me saying this: Thank you for your review. You are NOT supposed to set it with heat. That will actually weaken the bond and melt it. We make it very clear to hairstylists NOT to use heat on the bonds. Please have the hairstylist the applied the hair contact us. Thank you. Like I said before, there is NO WAY in absolute *** these would stick without heat. We tried to call them and you can only leave a message LOL needless to say the call was never returned!!!!
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  • Quality of the hair
  • Quality of the tape
Reason of review:
Damaged or defective

Preferred solution: Send me a new set that is NOT defective.


Hey i am looking to do my take in's again:) When i was getting them done it wasn't by glam seamless it was by great lengths. I was always instructed to shower before hand but just shampoo and no conditioner and no hair prodcts so that the adhesive would stay, they also added a glue ontop of the tape.

So maybe go to a beauty supply store in your area and pick up some better but cheaper adhevie and glue. Then you wont have to deal with calling and you can go right into the store and not have to pay for shipping for a little thing of tape.


mine have lasted 3 months. u have to make sure your shampoo doesn't contain sulfate.

also that whoever is putting them in is experienced. i had the owner of a salon put them in the first time and they lasted 3 months and the 2nd time a new girl and they fell out.


It is possible you could have been using to much hair or not enough in the bond.Also you can't wash your hair for 24 hours once they are put in your hair.If your not certified then this would be the cause of many problems.Before I got certified with another hair company I didn't realize a lot of what the other company I was with actually taught me the wrong way.

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Glam Seamless Hair Extensions Review from Attleboro, Massachusetts

Purchased the clip in wavy extensions. Received the worst quality extensions. They aren't wavy. They do not come sealed. They have a rubberband wrapped around a piece of cardboard. If I do not get a full refund I'm filing a Consumer Fraud complaint with the Atty General. I will also pay the $40 filing fee and sue the owner in court. It is fraud because the hair is NOT Remy. The hair is NOT wavy and the hair was NOT sealed in a package.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

I hope everyone will sue and get what they are owed ! A refund and an apology !! Fake hair

Terrible service




My hair came unsealed as well. Ridiculous.

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Tynia Ayz

Glamseamless experience is also in your hands