The hair itself, its {{redacted}}.

Ratty, nappy. smells like barbies hair from the dollar store.

Not gonna ask for my money back I have better things to do, especially after the torturous task of calling them to ask why i couldnt brush my hair and they blamed me.


Product or Service Mentioned: Glam Seamless Synthetic Hair Extension.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Glam Seamless Pros: Shade of color.

Glam Seamless Cons: Quality of hair and packaging, Product and customer service, How i was treated, Exchange policy.

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I receive my extensions a month and a half ago and when I took them out of the box they were frizzy. I called customer service and I told them what happened and the girl on the other line literally told me to use a hair mask on them!

Day one she wants music hair mask??! I said I will see what I could do because I really wanted to use my extensions. I could only use them for maybe a total of eight hours not in one day, and then I noticed one of the clips weren’t working. Since I was already emailed a label, I called customer service back and they said even though I had open the package and cut them, they still wanted to satisfy Me and make sure the customer service to was to my liking and told me to mail them back.

Fast forward to weeks later I was given an order ID number after I was given the runaround telling me the manager wasn’t available by phone but yet the girl I was speaking to just texted her and got an order ID for me and now nobody will answer the number since my cell phone number is pulling up my account every time I call into the center. They are holding my hair extensions hostage Because they have not returned the ones I sent back and they have not sent out my new hair extensions. Not only am I calling the attorney general I am also calling the Better Business Bureau. I cannot believe they literally think they are going to steal peoples money like this.

The product is average at best. I have hair extensions that were a fraction of the price where the clippings still work and the hair is still holding up. I say buyer beware and do not waste your money. Also, one of the responses was literally written in some Asian language which I believe was Chinese or Japanese.

It was not a Korean.And that in itself tells you it was spam. If I do not hear back from someone tomorrow, I guarantee you I will wind up getting them sometime this week after they get the phone call they are going to get. This one is not playing at all the better return my original extensions back to me and or exchange My hair extensions ASAP!

I didn’t even have them for more than three weeks! And I definitely did not wear them for three weeks


The tape is *** too

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